My name is Nikita Gusev. I specialize in product design. This is my CV and portfolio page. My personal statement is "Make the world a better and more beautiful place through effective and aesthetic design solutions”. Let's get acquainted!


The list of my usual work activities

UI Design

Designing of UI elements, UI kits and interface guidelines that provide strong visual approach and define look-and-feel of the product

Interaction Design

Creating layouts and animations for web and apps focused on user-friendly interaction and simplifying following developement of the product

UX Design

Creation of usability-oriented userflows that provide meaningful and personally relevant experiences based on user's motivation and perception of the product

Product Design

Quantitative and qualitative research approaches, examination of hypothesis, prototyping, and testing of the product in order to solve customers' problems and therefore increase business performance

Design Systems

Creating, implementing and upgrading scalable design systems that help reduce time and costs of developement and bring common look across the product range

Design Processes

Implementation of time management methodologies in order to optimize human-resource activities within the product creation


The timeline of my career

Printing design, web design, branding

Uzbekistan, Tashkent
UI/UX design coach in co-working studio "ТЧК"

Set up a training program, group classes

Uzbekistan, Tashkent
Co-founder in "Malevich" studio

UI/UX design, branding, front-end developement, art direction, business developement, HR management, communication with clients

Uzbekistan, Tashkent
Art-director in "Business Triumph" marketing agency

UI/UX design, branding, front-end developement, art direction, HR management, communication with clients

Uzbekistan, Tashkent

UI/UX design, branding, front-end developement, freelance community management, communications with clients

Spain, Barcelona
Designer in Looi studio

Product and interaction design

Russia, Moscow
Tutor at GeekBrains

Preparing educational materials, holding webinars

UX/UI Design
Russia, Moscow
Designer at Yandex

Product and interaction design

Russia, Moscow


Harbour.Space University
Barcelona, Spain
Interaction design faculty
Some couses / Full-time

Watch certificate


Tools and skills

.InVision App
.Adobe Photoshop

Video and motion

.Adobe Premiere
.Adobe After Effects
.Haiku Animator




.Russian (native)
.English (fluent)


Some examples of projects I've done


Achievements in various contests

Date: September 2017
Organizer: Chulakov Studio
Participants: Designers from CIS countries
Prize: 1 year of study at Harbour.Space University


What colleagues and clients say about me

In the Alfa-Bank projects Nikita has proved to be a highly-qualified specialist. He activly immerses into the project’s  business-task in order to project the user interface, taking into consideration all the specifications of the problem. All the assignments were delivered at high quality and in accordance with deadlines.  He is pleasant in terms of communication, assimilates within the team quickly and reacts adequately to the feedbacks.

Viktoria Khovanskaya

Head of Public services department

I like the level, the main screen turned out to be very stylish, regarding the edits - I liked that he asked questions, not just did it on his own, or tried to figure something out. He is responsive - which is good, because many designers are stuck in their shells and do not eager to get out of it.

Ruff Rubaker


Nikita is a great guy, independent, experienced and hardy as hell. As a founder, I have never had to solve problems created by Nikita or in his projects. Everything always met the deadlines and was predictable.

Arthur Arsenov



Nikita, congratulations on a job well done in this course. Over the past 3 weeks, you’ve impressed us with your attention detail and flexibility of thinking. You brought curiosity and professionalism to the in-class activities and out of class assignments. You were a stellar teammate to Ivan and did strong work refining the prototype based on multiple rounds of user testing. We also noticed your ability to create a logo, initial branding, and presentation design, creating a look that was refined, all on a tight deadline.

Munish Dabas

Senior UX engineer
Google Maps

Rachel Inman

Lead UX designer
Google Earth

On the photo above, there is Nikita. Nikita that got an opportunity from us to start a new life. He is an amazing guy and I always bring him to example. Such a persistence and the ability to think outside the box will always make him succeed. We’ve had loads of test-assignments and Nikita did them in the best possible way. Make sure to check out how to present projects. Not only does it apply to competitions, but also to the cv-application responses. The best results can only be achieved through the personal approach and strong persistence.

Oleg Chulakov


Thank you for such a great presentation, it’s by all means one of a kind! We have never received anything even close to this level. Amazing!

Sasha Grishin

Design lead


Upcoming and previous events held by me
Design of Digital Product: Prototyping

Prototyping is a fast and cheap way to turn your idea of product into something you can touch and feel. Prototypes help you to test your idea at an early stage before you put your money and time in complete implementation of the product. If you are an interaction designer, then welcome to the workshop about prototyping. You will learn about the most up-to-date prototyping tools, which will bring life to your interface layouts. Bring your laptop with you and enjoy!

November 29, 6:00 - 7:30 PM
American Center in Moscow
Design of Digital Product: Research, Hypoteses and Sketching

Where does the design of digital product begin? What if you don’t have a genius idea for mobile app or service? Well, the good news is that you don’t have to wait when an apple falls on your head. You can create a product, which will be useful for mankind and make money out of it without a breakthrough. On the first of five master classes dedicated to Design of Digital Product we'll talk about the first stage of product design cycle. That's the creation of hypothesis. And we'll try to generate ideas of the products, which could solve people’s problems. If you’re interested in design, startups and technologies, then it's a must visit event for you!

November 8, 6:00 - 7:30 PM
American Center in Moscow
Interfaces of the Future

Everybody who is interested in the way we'll be using the gadgets in 10-20 years, will dive into the educational trip from the very first computer built by Konrad Zuse in 1938 and the way of interaction with it, to modern graphic user interfaces in contemporary gadgets. Proceeding from here we'll project forward to the trends and take a look into the future.

July 24, 6:00 - 7:30 PM
American Center in Moscow

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